Current Version: v38 - 15/01/22 SkyNet ModPack
Download the SkyNet ModPack
Other Mods we find useful, but are not required for the SkyNet Server nor a part of the SkyNet ModPack:
Outside Mods
These mods are needed to join the server; however, they are not included in the mod pack. The mods will need to be added manually to the "/.minecraft/mods/" folder. Updates will also be noted in the Changelog.

Mystcraft Universal :: updated 2014/10/15


15/01/19 21:54

SkyNet ModPack Deletion: Returning players, please delete CCC-FM.jar from your mods directory.
Updated: Thaumic Tinkerer. Someone... who shall go unnamed... Tried to do some unstable enchanting, this fixes the instability.

15/01/22 3:39

Deletion: Returning players, please delete CCC-FM.jar from your mods directory.
Updated: Thaumcraft, Automagy, and Thaumic Energistics.
Added: Translocator and Wireless Redstone - Chicken Bones Edition.

15/01/16 21:52

Deletion: Returning players, please delete CCC-FM.jar from your mods directory. Updated: CofHCore, DaBells, Salvage Furnace, Thermal Expansion, and Thermal Foundation. Added: Just Another Better Barrel Atempt (JABBA) and Project Red Base, Compatibility, and Integration.

15/01/13 0:18

Updated: Applied Energistics, Extra Cells, Ender IO, Enhanced Portals, Chisel, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Energistics, and Thaumic Exploration.

15/01/08 19:37

Updated: Thaumcraft and Thaumic Exploration.

14/12/12 23:00

Updated: Thaumcraft.

14/12/12 23:00

Updated: Botania, Carpenter's Blocks, Chicken Chunks, Ender Storage, Forge Microparts, Not Enough Items, Tinkers' Construct, Thaumcraft, Automagy, Thaumic Energistics, Thaumic Exploration, and Thaumic Tinkerer.

14/12/12 23:00

Added: OpenPeripheral Core, OpenPeripheral addons, and OpenPeripheral Integration. Updated: Baubles, Bibliocraft, Blood Magic, Botanita, Ender Storage, Forge Multiparts, Not Enough Items, EnderIO, Enhanced Portals, Extra Utilities, Forestry, Gendustry, iChunUtil, Industrial Craft 2, Inventory Tweaks, Open Computers, Open Blocks, Pneumatic Craft, Simple Fluid Tanks, Automagy, Thaumic Energistics, and Thaumic Exploration. Removed Grim's Grave.

14/12/05 20:00

Added: Carpenter's Blocks, Chisel, MmmMmmMmmMmm, OpenModsLib, OpenBlocks, and Tinkers' Construct Tooltips. Updated: Tinkers' Construct and Mantle.

14/11/21 20:28

Added: Automagy, Magic Bees, Thaumcraft Mob Aspects, Thaumic Energistics, Thaumic Exploration, and Thaumic Tinkerer. Removed Ender Zoo.

14/11/19 17:33

Added: Ender Zoo and iChun's Morph mods.

14/11/15 22:45

Added: Simple Fluid Tanks.

14/11/14 09:12

Updated: Forestry and added: ComputerCraft, Gendustry, and OpenComputers.

14/11/12 12:24

Updated: Applied Energistics 2 and added the Extra Cells addon for AE2.

14/11/09 22:34

Updated: Server and all mods to minecraft 1.7.10. Also added: ChickenChunks, Thermal Expansion, and Double Doors.

14/09/05 20:16

Added: AnimationAPI, Ars Magica 2, EnderIO, and NuclearControl.

14/09/03 01:01

Update: Botania, DaBells, Enhanced Portals, Minecraft Comes Alive, and RadixCore.

14/08/11 01:05

Update: Botania, Compact Solars, Enchanting Plus, Enhanced Portals, Inventory Tweaks, and Not Enough Items.

14/07/22 17:24

Update: Applied Energistics 2, BDlib, BiblioCraft, Blood Magic, Botania, Code Chicken Core, DaBells, Forestry, Gendustry, Inventory Tweaks, Not Enough Items, Salvation Furnace, and Twilight Forest. New mod added: Ender Storage. Also mod removed: YALSM (you don't have to delete it, but we recomend you do.)

14/07/08 01:52

Update: Botania, DaBells, Enhanced Portals 3, Forge Multipart, and Inventory Tweaks.

14/06/30 20:08

Update: Applied Energistics 2, Botania, Forge Multipart, Gendustry, Industrial Craft 2, Inventory Tweaks, and Twilight Forest. Also added a new mod "Salvation Furnace" and Forge updated to

14/06/22 17:57

Update: Applied Energistics 2, Baubles, Blood Magic, Botania, Enchanting Plus, Forestry, Forge Multipart, Pneumatic Craft, and Twilight Forest. Added Extra Utilities and Mystcraft to the server. Remember to delete old Baubles.

Also xcompwiz denied us permission so far to add Mystcraft to the modpack, so you need to download [1.7.2] Mystcraft Universal from his forum.

14/06/19 22:16

Update: Applied Energistics 2, Baubles, Blood Magic, Botania, Enchanting Plus, Forestry, Forge Multipart, Pneumatic Craft, and Twilight Forest. Added Extra Utilities and Mystcraft to the server. Also awaiting permission or denial from xcompwiz about adding Mystcraft to the modpack. Please ask for new modpack while we wait.

14/06/19 09:17

Update: Forge update to

14/06/09 20:42

Update: Applied Energistics 2, Botania, Inventory Tweaks, and Twilight Forest.

14/06/03 02:00

Update: Added Bam's Grave, and updated Applied Energistics 2, Botania, Compact Solars, Forestry, Industrial Craft 2, and Pneumatic Craft.

14/05/28 15:50

Hot-Fix: for Enhanced Portals and Baubles. Be sure to delete the old Baubles from the 1.7.2 directory within the mods directory.

14/05/27 19:08

Update: Added Botania, Pneumatic Craft and Twilight Forest to the server and updated Applied Energistics 2, BiblioCraft, Enhanced Portals, Gendustry, Inventory Tweeks, and Minecraft Comes Alive.

14/05/22 20:04

Update: Added Gendustry to the server and updated Applied Energistics 2, Blood Magic, Forestry, ForgeMultipart, InventoryTweeks, NEIAddons, and Thaumcraft. If your client freezes you may need to add "-XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=128m" to "JVM Augments:" in your minecraft launcher profile.

PermGen is a shorthand for Permanent Generation. Without going into too much technical details, it's memory used by the Java VM to store things that should stick around forever and will not be thrown away until the program stops running.

As you add more mods - they use more of that memory, and because the default value is pretty low (64mb i think?) it runs out of space and the game crashes.

-BDew 2014/5/20 06:37
14/05/11 18:14

Update: Applied Energistics 2, BiblioCraft, Blood Magic, Forestry, ForgeMultipart, Industrial Craft 2, and InventoryTweeks.

14/05/06 20:30

Update: Added CompactSolars. Also updated Applied Energistics 2, EnchantingPlus, Forestry, ForgeMultipart, Minecraft Comes Alive (and RadixCore), and Thaumcraft.

14/05/03 23:20

Modpack Update: Added Enchanting Plus, ForgeMultipart, and NEI Addons. Also updated Applied Energistics 2 and Industrial Craft 2.

14/04/30 21:20

Modpack Update: Everything should be fixed now. CodeChicken, NEI, and IndustrialCraft have all been updated and should be working now.

14/04/30 13:15

We're calling it the Single-Player-Double-Log-In-Fix -- It seems that there are some problems with NEI & CodeChicken. After starting up Minecraft to the Main Page, you may need to run a Single Player world. It might kick you out the first time and you'll land in the Server Menu (Multiplayer) Page. Go back to the Single Player world and you should be able to enter the world. Save and quit out of the world, and at this point return to the Multiplayer Page and you should be able to connect to the SkyNet Server.

14/04/29 23:50

Modpack Update: Too many new things in the ModPack to really list here.. Forge got updated to 1060 so be sure to update your client-side Forge as well.

14/04/28 04:20

Modpack Update: Applied Energistics 2, Mantle, & Tinker's Construct - Added: Blood Magic.

14/04/25 20:03

We are running the FTB Adventure Map: AgrarianSkies for the evening. Download the FTB launcher at the bottom of the FTB site and follow their directions to set up the client. Once it's set up, just connect to Mutiplayer and enter our server address (

14/04/23 20:52

Modpack Update: Applied Energistics 2 and Minecraft Comes Alive. Also the smeltery in Tinkers' Construct doesn't work with the server's current version of forge :( We can't do anything about that until MCPC+ updates... In the mean time give SyiSeiko the resources and he'll creative you the parts.

14/04/19 19:44

Modpack Update: Applied Energistics 2, Enhanced Portals, and Tinkers' Construct.

14/04/16 21:30

It's SkyNet 2.0!! We've moved on to MC 1.7.2, plus a new server address and SkyNet ModPack. Returning players will need to follow the "How to Join Us" instructions in the box to the right. If you would like to save your old Mods and Configs, rename these folders ("mods" and "config") in your MC directory (example: "164mods" "164config"; otherwise, they will need to be deleted.

Drop us an email if you have any problems, and we'll try to get you set up.

14/04/12 02:50

Tinkers' Construct has been added to the ModPack.

14/04/11 21:56

Added Tinkers' Construct. This is a temporary link until SexyDexyDoo adds the file to the modpack and updates everything.

14/04/08 13:58

We've done a quick revamp of the site, but more importantly, we've updated how we update the mods on the SkyNet Server. All returning users will need to clean out their mods directory (EXCEPT for RailCraft [and OptiFine]) and download the SkyNet ModPack. Once downloaded, just extract it to your main Minecraft directory and overwrite any files that conflict. Look forward to a little more revamping to the site as we try to make it a little cleaner and user friendly.

14/03/28 13:08

IndustrialCraft2 added. Unzip directly into .minecraft directory.

14/03/28 13:08

Update Time! In today's update, we introduce Applied Energistics... More importantly MCA is updated and will hopefully no longer crash the server bad! The Backpacks mod, Project Red, and Thaumic Tinkerer have also updated. I also found the Kami add-on to TT... an add-on to an add-on... to technically an add on...

14/03/21 00:03

Dark horse! Sorry All, Ars Magica 2 had an ID conflict with Thermal Expansion 3... Just extract the 7z file directly into your .minecraft folder and override the AM2.cfg file.

14/03/20 19:36

So you wanna play with magic? Boy you should know what you're fallin' for, Baby do you dare to do this, 'Cause I'm comin' at you like a dark horse!

14/03/09 00:00

Update! CodeChickenCore, da.bells 1.6.4 Final, Minecraft Comes Alive 1.6.4-3.6.0, ProjectRed 1.6.4-, and Railcraft 1.6.4-

14/02/26 18:50

Torch Levers Mod, Secret Rooms Mod, and DaBells updated... also removed chococraft and portal gun mods.

14/02/20 20:01

CodeChicken update! (Included in the newmods.7z if just downloaded) Be sure to delete "ForgeMultipart-universal-1.6.4-" from %AppData%\.minecraft\mods\1.6.4\ (or any version of ForgeMultipart in there). CodeChicken will download the new library on the first run.

14/02/16 20:01

SexyDexyDoo has created his very first mod DaBells(update above) and has been added to our server!

14/02/13 20:26

5 new mods have been added to the server please download from newmods.7z and extract the two folders directly into your *.minecraft* folder. You may need to update forge Forge 1.6.4-

HOW TO JOIN US - For New Players to the SkyNet Server- --Prepping--
1. Download the Forge Installer jar file.

2. Download the Mystcraft Universal jar file.
-- The download link is at the bottom of the post.

3. Download the SkyNet ModPack.
-- Click Download in the top-right then Download as .zip. Or you may save to your Dropbox folder, if you have one.

--Installing Minecraft--
After you download the minecraft.exe file from the Minecraft website, place the file somewhere like a Games folder, where you want to run Minecraft. This exe file is not the actual game but a launcher, which allows you to run different versions of the game.

Run the Launcher.

Once that the Launcher finishes loading, sign-in any time it asks you. Select New Profile in the bottom-left corner. A window called Profile Editor will open:

1. Change the Profile Name box to 1710 - Vanilla.
2. Change the Use version drop-down box to release 1.7.10.
3. Click Save Profile and the Profile Editor window will close.

Click Play on the Launcher Window. In about 30-60 seconds, it will finish downloading the game files and the game's main menu will pop up. The bottom-left corner should say Minecraft 1.7.10 -- if it does, congrats, you've downloaded and installed Minecraft.

Click Quit Game. If the Launcher is still open, close it, as well.

--Installing Forge--
Next, you need to install Forge, which allows you to use mods in Minecraft.

Run the forge-installer.jar file you downloaded earlier, select Install client, and click OK.

After it's done installing the Forge libraries, click OK.

Run the Launcher again. In the Profile drop-down box, select Forge and click Edit Profile.

1. Change the Profile Name box to 1710 - Forge
2. Change the Use version drop-down box to release 1.7.10-Forge, if it's not already selected.
3. Add to the JVM Arguments box -XX:PermSize=128m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m
4. Click Save Profile and the Profile Editor window will close

Click Play on the Launcher Window.

Once the game's main menu pops up, the bottom-left corner should have a bit more text. One line should say Minecraft Forge -- if it does, Forge has been installed correctly.

Click Quit Game again, but no need to close the launcher.

--Installing the Mods--
Finally, we have to install the mods from the modpack.

Click the Windows (Start) Menu button and type %APPDATA%/.minecraft in the search box and hit Enter.

A folder called .minecraft will open - look for a folder called mods (if it doesn't exist, create it) and go into it.

All the files from the modpack need to be placed in the mods folder.

The Mystcraft jar will need to be placed in this folder, as well.

--Connecting to the Server and Playing--
Click Play in the Launcher.

With the mods loading, it will take a little longer (2- 5 minutes) for the game's main menu to pop up.

Once it's up, click Multiplayer, then Add server.

The Server Name box is for your convenience; the Server Address is, then click Done.

Then double click the server to connect.